Emergency Dental Care

Most dental problems can be prevented with regular dental care or treated in due time, but some require immediate attention. Examples of dental emergencies include lost or broken fillings or restorations, trauma to the teeth or jaw, infection of the teeth, gums, or other oral tissues, and severe toothache. Basically, anything that’s causing pain, interfering with oral functions, or otherwise making life difficult and can’t wait for a regular appointment.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact Eltek immediately. After hours, use our online form or leave a message at (905) 770 5100. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will get in touch as soon as possible with an emergency appointment and any advice from the dentist for managing the pain and tending the problem in the meantime. Dental emergencies can usually be accommodated within 24 hours.

My husband got terrible headaches for months and the doctor could not figure out why. It got to the point where he just figured he’d have to live with the pain. Then Dr. Sogomonian suggested it could be from grinding his teeth at night. She fit my husband with a nightguard and the headaches went away in a matter of days -- we could not believe the difference. ¡Thank you Dr. S!"
Julia O.