At Eltek Dental, we want you to enjoy getting dental care as much as we enjoy providing it. We love what we do, and we do it well, providing every patient with the best, most comfortable treatment possible in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.

Our team of professionals provide all manner of dental care, from routine checkups and cleanings to surgical procedures and emergency attention. We use digital technology at all six chairs in our brand-new suite and only the latest materials and treatment techniques.

We’d never let financial concerns get in the way of providing the best possible dental care. We accept all types of insurance, and our staff will even submit your claim. Should your treatment not be covered, we’ll arrange a payment plan that lets you get the care you need regardless of finances.

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Dr. Nana Sogomonian

D.D.S., General Dentist

Dr. Armen Grigorian

D.D.S., General Dentist

Alla Boltiansky

R.D.H., Dental Hygienist

Olga Bubnova

Dental Assistant

Nelly Petrossian

Dental Assistant

Irena Shkapin

R.D.H., Dental Hygienist

Olga Kravtchenko

Office Adminstrator

Anna Orekhovska

Dental Assistant / Receptionist

Lyudmila Nosova


  • What Our patients Say About Us

    What I like about coming to Eltek dental is that they are very accommodating with appointment times. I am a mom with a full time job, so for me, efficiency really matters. They are always able to fit me and my family in at times that work for us, and we are in and out of there in good time. I appreciate their professionalism, and trust them implicitly with my children.

    Lisa Polar

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I brought both of my kids to the dentist today. Everyone was so patient and helpful. They were able to book the appointments at the same time so that the kids didn't have to wait for each other. I was able to walk back and forth between rooms and pop my head in to show them I was here. They were so good with them, I felt compelled to say something here!

    Martia C.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I'm ashamed to admit that I hadn't been to the dentist in over 7 years. When I went this time, I was convinced I was going to get some bad news. The team was very informative and thorough as they examined my teeth. Turns out, there was nothing too bad to worry about. Between the x-rays, photographs and cleaning I learned more about my teeth in two hours than I had probably all my life. It was a great experience and I will definitely be coming back here more often!

    Markus T.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I moved recently and felt apprehensive as I was choosing a new family dentist. However I'm glad I gave Eltek Dental a shot. The sedation dentistry enabled me to take a cat nap while having my teeth done, and I woke up relaxed and refreshed!


  • What Our patients Say About Us

    As a 75-year-old, I've had a few sets of dentures in my time. I have never had them feel as comfortable and snug as the one's Dr. Istzer made me. I am very happy with them and they look great. Many thanks.

    Leslie Genner

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    Today was a very good experience. Dr. Sogomonian was so kind and I felt very at ease. I got cleaning done and a checkup. They were both pain free. As a diabetic, cleanings have been somewhat painful for me in the past. I love the new approach they are taking here. My teeth feel great, thanks!

    Kyle Oliver

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I have a crushing fear of the dentist. I'm always so relieved after leaving my appointments. The hygienists and dentist are very sympathetic here and don't push things. They keep me involved in what's going on and let me know what to expect to help me keep my calm. I'm grateful to have found such a supportive atmosphere. I had to get a filling done and they gave me the choice of having sedative dentistry (where they put you to sleep) or a local anesthetic. They walked me through what I could expect from each and I chose sedative. It was the easiest appointment of my life!

    Jamie M.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I chose Eltek Dental because it was close to where I live. Once there, the atmosphere was really laid back. The staff was very accommodating to my three small children, which made getting here the next time that much easier. I like the family atmosphere that this practice provides and I look forward to visiting often to keep my whole family’s teeth in great shape.

    Marie Lindsay

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    You and your staff are awesome! We’ll be recommending you to friends and family for sure!

    LEE L.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    Thank you so much for your friendly, gentle care.

    BORIS K.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I needed a root canal, but my insurance didn’t cover it and I couldn’t afford to pay for it up front. Eltek’s office staff helped me work out a payment plan so I could get the treatment right away, and they didn’t make me feel bad about not having the money. They were understanding and treated me with dignity.

    OLGA G.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    Friendly and professional -- they put me right at ease.

    MARIA L.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    Both my five-year-old son and my 67-year-old mother, as well as myself and my wife (ages 36 and 38), are patients. It’s so nice that we can all see the same dentist and still get the different treatments we need.


  • What Our patients Say About Us

    I used to hate going to the dentist, but at Eltek, the staff is so friendly and the office is so comfortable that I was immediately relaxed. I’m no longer afraid, and I even look forward to seeing everyone at the office whenever I have an appointment.

    Jason M.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    My husband got terrible headaches for months and the doctor could not figure out why. It got to the point where he just figured he’d have to live with the pain. Then Dr. Sogomonian suggested it could be from grinding his teeth at night. She fit my husband with a nightguard and the headaches went away in a matter of days -- we could not believe the difference. ¡Thank you Dr. S!"

    Julia O.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    "I had jaw pain for years, until I got laser therapy at Eltek. No more pain = one great reason to smile."

    Patrick M.

  • What Our patients Say About Us

    “I was so afraid of needing dentures, but Dr. Aptekar and Dr. Istzer made it easy and painless. My new teeth fit great, look great, and nobody even knows they are dentures. I feel like a new woman!”

    Katie Q


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