Dentistry with heart

At Eltek Dental Centre, we want you to enjoy getting dental care as much as we enjoy providing it. If it’s your first time joining us and you would like to learn a little bit more about our practice simply give us a call or enter your contact details along with your inquiry and we’ll be able to walk you through our areas of expertise, specialty family facilities and more.

We believe that maintaining a beautiful smile should be a relaxing and painless experience! All of our staff is fully trained to be as gentle and effective as possible, especially when working with children.

  • Enjoy our relaxing atmosphere and friendly staff
  • Sedation dentistry for nervous patients
  • State-of-the-art facility with the latest dental technology
  • Full spectrum of dental services offered, from checkups to surgery
  • Take advantage of flexible appointment times and easy booking!

Take care of your teeth and improve your overall health! We focus on dentistry for all ages. For new patients, we start with a consultation to get to know more about your dental history and current health status, and then perform a cleaning. If you are concerned about a certain condition in particular, kindly let us know before your appointment so we can arrange for the right dental expert to meet with you.

We believe in dental wellness instead of dental treatment. It is never too early to start taking care of your dental health. Our dental services are aimed at not just cleaning and treating teeth, but also at educating our patients about how to better care for their teeth and protect their overall health in the process.

To us, every smile is different and every smile matters. Our services are designed to offer families and individuals complete care. We get to know our patients and treat them like family. We don’t sent our patients to specialists, we are specialists! With full 360 dental care, you can rest assured that your dentist not only knows you, but knows your teeth inside and out!