Common Procedures For A Healthier Smile

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The purpose of a dentist is to ensure that your teeth stay as healthy and strong as possible. Dentists have many different dental technologies in their toolbox to help achieve this goal.

Correcting Damaged Teeth

Teeth can become damaged in several ways, such as by accident or due to improper care. In order to correct this issue, dentists may rely on the following procedures:

  • Bridges or dentures

A bridge is used when the damaged tooth is located between two healthy teeth. The unhealthy tooth is either capped or removed in order to allow the bridge to be fitted properly. Dentures are often used when there is more than one tooth that is damaged. Dentures can come in several forms, either replacing a small section of teeth, or they can replace entire sets of teeth. Complete dentures are often used when all the teeth are damaged and no other option is available.

  • Crowns

Crowns are often used when only one tooth is damaged and causing pain. The crown, which is also known as a “cap”, is placed over the damaged tooth to prevent it from becoming more damaged. It can also help to alleviate any pain the person is having.

  • Orthodontics

Orthodontics can help change the placement of the teeth, and often help patients achieve the smile they always wanted. To accomplish this, the dentist will place braces onto some or all of the teeth, and gently move the teeth over time to put them into the correct position.

Brighten Your Smile

A popular procedure that patients like to get from their dentists is whitening. Teeth whitening can be accomplished through laser whitening or bleaching. The procedure is done in a short amount of time, but it is not a permanent fix. It should be completed every year or every 6 months to maintain a bright smile and ensure that there is no permanent damage to the teeth.

Curing a Sweet Tooth

Though there is really no such thing as a sweet tooth, most people notice that there is a problem when eating sweets if they have a cavity. A cavity is a small crack or hole in the tooth and can cause serious pain, especially while eating sugary foods. It can also cause pain by eating hot or cold foods and drinks. To fix cavities, dentists can use one of two types of fillings:

  • Metal: These used to be very common and are often silver or gold in color.
  • Natural colored fillings: These fillings are meant to match your tooth and are often used by those who do not want their filling to be seen by others. Over the last few years, these have become the filling of choice for many.

Removing a Problem, While Keeping the Tooth

In many cases, a person may have pain in a tooth, but the actual tooth is not damaged. However, the pain, and often infection, exists in the root of the tooth. A Root Canal is meant to remove the root that is infected or causing pain, while keeping the tooth in the mouth. This is a one-time procedure, and allows the patient to experience relief from the pain or infection, while still keeping their tooth.

Care After Dental Procedures

No matter what type of dental procedure a person gets, dentists should give patients instructions on how to deal with any side effects. We often recommend they limit hard foods, drink plenty of water, use ice or hot packs when needed to relieve any swelling, and take over the counter medications if they experience any discomfort.

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