Dentistry with heart


Low-level or low-intensity laser therapy is the use of monochromatic light emissions from a 250-milliwatt (or less) laser diode to treat mouth and jaw problems. The light source is positioned directly against the skin at the site of the injury, inflammation, or pain so that the energy can permeate the tissue. The laser light restores cellular function and enhances the body’s natural healing processes.

Eltek Dental is fully equipped to provide laser therapy as treatment for a variety of dental conditions, including TMJ and sensitive teeth. It can also be used to speed healing and alleviate pain after tooth extractions or root canal therapy.

I moved recently and felt apprehensive as I was choosing a new family dentist. However I'm glad I gave Eltek Dental a shot. The sedation dentistry enabled me to take a cat nap while having my teeth done, and I woke up relaxed and refreshed!