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During a root canal procedure, infected tooth pulp is removed and the empty hollow is filled to prevent further irritation and disease. Though often considered the quintessential painful dental procedure, root canals can actually be painless if done properly.

At Eltek Dental, we pride ourselves in offering pleasant, pain-free dental experiences, regardless of the procedure. Our experienced dentists have the tools and techniques to perform your root canal so that it doesn’t hurt during or afterwards.


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Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay, when left untreated, can progress to the innermost portion of the tooth called the pulp and may also cause an abscess to form at the root of the tooth.

My husband got terrible headaches for months and the doctor could not figure out why. It got to the point where he just figured he’d have to live with the pain. Then Dr. Sogomonian suggested it could be from grinding his teeth at night. She fit my husband with a nightguard and the headaches went away in a matter of days -- we could not believe the difference. ¡Thank you Dr. S!"
Julia O.