Teeth Cleanings & Dental Checkups

Part of good dental care — and indeed, good health care — is preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and other potentially painful (and expensive) problems with regular cleanings and checkups. The friendly, professional team at Eltek Dental includes hygienists trained to thoroughly clean and protect your teeth, gums, and mouth. They can also provide guidance and tips for at-home oral hygiene and address any questions or concerns you have about your smile.

Most dental insurance plans allow for a cleaning and checkup every 6 or 9 months. If you don’t have dental insurance, you should still get preventive dental care at least once a year. Even if you brush and floss daily as recommended, a professional cleaning is more thorough and allows the dentist to perform a quick checkup and identify any early warning signs of cavities, gum disease, or even oral cancer. Early discovery is usually the key to keeping dental problems from becoming painful and expensive.

"I had jaw pain for years, until I got laser therapy at Eltek. No more pain = one great reason to smile."
Patrick M.