Dentistry with heart

Take a proactive approach to your dental health. Our state-of-the-art facility and gentle, certified dental professionals will guide you through a relaxing experience to help you put your best smile forward. We’ll teach you early warning signs to watch out for, monitor your tooth and gum health, and care for your whole family’s dental needs. To us, you’re part of our family.

Family First 

It is our priority to create a warm and understanding atmosphere at Eltek Dental. Putting patients at ease by providing family-friendly, empathic care is our focus. Whether you are 5 years old and have just lost your first tooth, part of an energetic family of four, or a senior looking for a new set of dentures, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our practice.

Those who smile are happier and live longer. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you and your family maintain healthy, confident smiles.

Full Service Dentistry

We think the best care can be given when a dentist is familiar with their patients. By offering a full spectrum of dental services, from simple checkups to oral surgery, we can customize care to your particular needs. We provide detailed treatment planning and use a variety of restorative and cosmetic techniques to help our patients achieve optimal dental health.

In the case of a dental emergency, we do everything we can to fit you in as soon as possible. And we never let finances stand in the way of treatment — we accept insurance or arrange payment plans.

Prevention & Education 

As a practice, we strive to promote dental wellness rather than just disease care. We truly believe that education and preventive maintenance are the secrets to optimal oral health. That’s why we provide routine cleanings and checkups, as well as flossing and sealants to prevent dental disease. We even provide oral cancer screenings.

Dentistry with heart is about more than just teeth and gums. We strive to take your overall health into consideration and stay informed about any conditions or medications that may impact your dental health. And our professional team is always happy to coach patients, parents, and families about best practices for maintaining strong, beautiful teeth.

Training & Expertise

In order to bring the highest level of care to our patients, we attend dental lectures, conventions, and meetings to stay current with the latest techniques, products, and equipment. We are also members of professional dental associations, which keep us abreast of industry trends and breakthroughs we can bring to our practice.

We also use the latest tools and materials. Our brand-new office suite is fully equipped with digital technology that lets us apply our training more safely and efficiently. It’s all part of giving you the best possible treatment and oral care you can feel confident about.